Welcome new students!!

Hi everyone!


Very excited to see new faces in the university.

Huge and warm welcome to our February starters! I hope you are enjoying you first few days around campus.

The refresher’s fayre is an incredible opportunity for students starting in February to explore the fun societies and sports club that are run by the University of Surrey’s Students Union. During Fresher’s and Refresher’s fayre, all the societies and sports club host free taster sessions. This is the best time to explore the options available and chose the ones you are interested in. It is also a great time to have fun and try sports that you have not tried (or even heard) before!

Active fresher’s fayre is the name given to the 2 days of unlimited and free sports sessions. During the fayre last year (October 2015), I attended taster sessions conducted by the badminton, squash, tennis, archery and mountaineering clubs. I had never tried archery or mountaineering in my life and that was one of the best days ever. In total, there are 47 sports clubs.

In addition to the sports clubs, there are many societies designed to suit the interest of every student coming to Surrey. Furthermore, any student at the university can start a new society if they have a unique interest.

The student societies are grouped into categories. Though they are self-explanatory, I would like to just expand on them a little bit! I have also included examples of some societies, but they are not the only ones! there are more clubs than you could imagine!

Arts: the society members of this category are the artsoc, bandsoc, craftsoc, Salsa and Bachata, madsoc, gospel choir many more…

Departmental: there are societies related to the course you are studying and most students are members of the society corresponding to their course.

I’m studying Biological Sciences and I’m a member of the biosoc!

There’s a society for physics, chemistry, maths, medicine, economics, law, the business school society etc.

Faith: religion based society.

Special interest: If you have a special or unique interest, you might want to take a look at societies that bake, skate, debate, play chess, play video games, write poems and stories, do yoga and what-not!

Apart from that, there are student run societies and political campaign stuff!

International: Societies representing different countries.

This is where the Indian society comes in! Indian student’s association

Here is their mission statement:

We aim to create a home away from home, spreading our culture all over the university, bringing the Indian community together and most of all, making great friends along the way! However ISA is not only for people of Indian culture, it is open to everyone no matter what culture or religion they are.

Our members are from different parts of India and across the world, we truly are an international society. We hold many events, ranging from club nights to garba to Holi! You are sure going to have a great time!

And the best part is that the membership is entirely free!

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and get a glimpse of the fun events that are hosted!

That’s all for today folks!

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