Christmas, New Year and Snow…

Hi all,

I hope you had a smashing Christmas and new year. I know I did- Christmas at Manchester, Boxing Day at various shopping centres and New Year Fireworks at Greenwich. And when I got back to the university after weeks of happy eating, we had snow here. Just imagine! You are sitting in the library in the evening, studying for the exams (Yes, we have exams for some courses here and for me it’s exam season) and suddenly you get a call from your friend and see people in the library excited coz guess what- Snow is here!


This was taken outside my apartment.


It was such a treat to go out and play like a kid in the snow. There were so many people standing outside the library, their books and studies forgotten for the moment and having snowball fights. Woohoooo! I don’t know about you, but for a girl from Chennai, it was the best study break ever. The snow made the campus look prettier than usual (which is saying something, as the campus is very pretty already) and I have loads of pics and lovely memories. Christmas here is wonderful (yes, you get loads of lovely gifts and you have to figure out what gifts you need to buy your friends) and the shopping on Boxing day even more so. You even get electronics on sale  🙂 . The new year fireworks – well I have no words to describe the feeling! Everyone’s heard that London fireworks is a grand display am sure. My friends and I, we got a lovely spot at Greenwich to see the fireworks, not just at the London Eye, but we got to see the entire London skyline (The Shard, The business park, the train lines, the countdown, London eye, Big Ben) and the fireworks from most places in the city. Its beautiful when you do the countdown to new year, with an entire crowd of strangers and get to see the London Fireworks when you shout ‘Happy New Year!’. I am not going to talk anymore but show you these wonderful pictures of life here 🙂



The road outside the Library


And snowwwww it is….. Winter is here!