Familiar Grounds of Recreation

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!

The general prerequisites of international students especially Indians for one find their comfort zone with even a fragment of familiarity around them. One thing the University of Surrey excels is comfort and convenience. Being an architect as well as a musician, I get the blend of both pleasures every day at this university. Blogging to all of you is always a pleasure considering the environment we work in. But most importantly, its the comfort everyone provides you with be it education or recreation.


It was just yesterday, that the Bollywood Dance Society that I represent as the President, was invited to perform in a Bollywood Night organized and hosted by the students of Surrey as their Event Management module. It has always been very refreshing how people here embrace Bollywood with respect and admiration which brings me back to familiarity as to being back in India with the folks, where all u see on the streets of Mumbai are posters of Movies and lookalikes imitating their favorite actors & actresses.


I am proud to say that I believe my team of dancers pulled off a phenomenal performance with a welcoming interactive dance session to involve all the guests to dance some basic Bhangra steps and experience the pleasure of our iconic style of dancing. The reason for initiating this society and any cultural or activity based society is conventional to familiarize students with the presence of fellow students from the same background. This also enriches the overall experience for all students irrespective of their ethnicity as they get the gist of various cultures and activities enhancing their knowledge and understanding of them.


There are various universities that envisage cultural societies, but the University of Surrey Students’ Union being the 3rd best in the UK, have always strived to achieve the best possible student experience for all students celebrating and supporting more than 250 such societies to envision and execute more and more events, which helps students have a busy year recreationally. A wide array of events are embedded in the Students’ Union calender everyday, to give students of different background variety of choices of de-stressing and entertaining activities. This has been a distinctive factor for prospective students to decide universities so far as it has always been the concern of parents if their child would find that sense of familiarity and being home briefly.


I am sure some visual will help get things in perspective…