Familiar Oppurtunities

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!


Finally !! The day arrived when you have completed a semester and are looking forward to the “Reading Week” after endless hours of submissions and preparations for exams. In my case, the most memorable time of this semester was definitely the 4 nights I stayed awake procrastinating and composing with the support of my housemates as they distract me with the occasional gaming sesh on the XBOX, which never fails to de-stress the mind and body. Trust me, these are one of those days which stick to you all your life because a group striving¬†together is always more fun than struggling alone.


I have generally found composing even in the most stressful days quite soothing once I have found my rhythm, or as people say a steady flow of thought process. But in all fairness, I believe my course to be the coolest in the university considering we as musicians and composers focus on studying beyond the basic theoretical knowledge and the classical background that all musicians are initially nurtured with. Even 3 deadlines on one day did not sabotage our creative juices from flowing throughout. In-fact, I have always believed working under pressure molds us considering how students must not just focus on hard work but smart work as well.


“Reading Week” is not exactly as it sounds as students find this the perfect opportunity to buy or rent their books and collect all the matter for second week and stack it on a side of a table, while international students travel around UK and residents head back home to get back to their cozy laid back lives with their families. I, on the other hand had the¬†blissful chance to reconnect with myself by taking that sought after REST and binge watching all those series and movies that I have been waiting to find time for. I did find a fantastic opportunity to go for a walk to a beautiful hillside suburban section of Guildford with the Indian Student Association. This is definitely one of the most productive events hosted by the society as it is important to provide activities that not only give students to meet new people but also connect with their surrounding and community.



The best part of the walk was when i took a detour and got lost, which then gave me loads of time to roam around the fields and meadows and feed animals, which I wouldn’t normally do in a busy week of lectures and seminars. These are one of the many perks of being a part of a society, which is why I think all students should definitely engage in at least one of the 250 societies and sports clubs that our Students Union provides us. Coincidentally, the Indian Society is hosting a Valentine Special Bollywood night, which is always a sought after event considering the lack of such events for Indian students around UK.

I know, most of our families would think a club night to be a leisure activity not preferred by parents. But I say every activity and event in our university life designs us even in the smallest way, to live life in the real world and balance our personalities.