It’s Spring break, woohoo!

Happy Easter from the University!!

We are now in the middle of our spring break which started March 26th and will extend until 23rd April. The weather is getting better and I haven’t felt happier! And in the 4 weeks, I have yes two assignments and a dissertation to work on. Not to forget my full paper submission for a conference I will be attending in July!

A lot of Students I know -Indian students included have either gone back home or have planned or are already on a trip to Scotland, Amsterdam, Paris, Spain and so on. And it was my turn to stay put, get some work done and do things in and around Guildford I’ve been looking forward to doing. The most important being a trip to Chennai Dosa at Woking.  Any south-Indians reading this blog, I cannot tell you how happy I was to eat Dosa after 6 months.

a. Chennai Dosa Visit

The restaurant is in Woking, a 3.5 pound and a 10 min train ride away.

Whilst we waited for the Dosas, we had chilly chicken and vada? Weird combination I know, but was worth taking the risk.

Here we go!! Masala Dose. I couldn’t finish it though, cause I can’t eat too much at once. But, I did get a Biryani and a butter chicken to go.



b. Django Django

By the weekend, I was in London with a senior from college attending an indie-rock concert at Printworks – a 3000 capacity new live-music venue created for London from an old Printing place with the band Django Django cutting the ribbon. We spent a good amount of time walking around the venue admiring what they’ve made out of this abandoned place. It looks so sick!! felt like an outer space concert hall for a moment there. I do not have pictures or videos from my visit, but I’ve managed to borrow some from Google. Here goes:

Django Django – Printworks, London (Credit: Rachel Lipsitz)

source:  Facebook | @thedjangos

I had never heard of the band before the event. I’m so glad I agreed to go check it out. I try and hum few of their tunes in the shower sometimes. I was also pretty amazed at how well everything was planned and worked out. I was reading the reviews and none reported of any problems with the acoustics of the place which is pretty impressive!


c. hike in the rain

Stien always comes up with easy and fun plans – like hiking. Unfortunately, it rained the whole of that week, but that never stopped us. Guildford is not on a flat terrain, so it gives you plenty excuses to climb any ‘hill’ to get a good look around. And I really needed exercise. I spent the first three days of the break lying on my bed (recovering from the cold and stress).

It was so fun! I just remember laughing the entire time trying my best not to slip, slide, fall off into the mud with those trainers (bad bad idea for a hike in the rain) on.

Hazy-misty-foggy-squishy Pewley Downs

The path looks easy yes, but I was clinging on to that boundary wall the entire length. Stien thought I could be a robber and I agree.

This was much easier to walk through. Alternatively, this had a tarred road running alongside but if you prefer to walk on the road, I have to warn you about the big splash pool right in the middle of the road as you reach the end.

Church of St Martha-on-the-Hill – This is where my camera decided to die and not let me take a picture of the breathtaking view! I would climb this hill again if I have to! Apparently, it is much better with that sun shining!

Now who says a masters student can’t have as much fun! This was in between the dissertation discussions and meeting conference paper deadlines! We also had a fun outing with the February intake Nigerian students and all the lovely people from the international office (where i work as a student ambassador). Later that week, a bunch of us got together and cooked an ‘Easter dinner’. So we called it but it was dal and chicken :P. And then, a dear friend’s birthday celebrations the whole of yesterday! The next would be my gym induction. Wish me luck for it cause I’ve never been to a gym before and it slightly scares me.

That’s it for now, guys! Time to finish those assignments!