Familiar Functionality

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!


Last minute preparations? I know every human being to have made plans this way and I too confer to the ways of planning and working when you’re put on the spot. I find it to be more effective to think logically under pressure keeping your mind stable and sharp, but I am no psychology student to preach this. This is a guideline to follow my journey through submissions and boredom after I was done with all my work for this academic year.


So, I am sure some of you would wonder how I get free earlier than most of the students in the university. Studying courses like Music and other arts, opens new ways of assessing throughout the year. It would be unnecessary to have a written examination about music, when most of what we learn is practical. However, we did have practical examinations like stage management, group performance and presentations over the numerous submissions and deadlines. But, I wouldn’t want to go into the details, or I might as well tell you about what I submitted or presented for the past 2 weeks. Bottom line, it takes a toll on you just like any other course. The only difference that I experience is the fun and freedom to compose while we prepare for the submissions, be it last minute. Even the late nights to the limits of no sleep for 3 days, is an experience in itself that challenges you mind and body to push limits beyond what we can take. Now, to a lot of you, this sounds bizarre and I have met people telling me, “you should have started working on it weeks before at least”, and I don’t deny that analogy. However, some mishaps and minor setbacks in life generally tend to be an anecdotal memory, which moulds us into who we are today.


Anyways…I finished up on all the work and realised I had nothing to look forward to in life for the next few months…yeah that escalated quickly…haha! But there always comes that time in the year when even the busiest of people find it hard to do a single thing in the day only because it isn’t necessary to do so. This all changed when one of my flatmates got done with his exams and I finally had a partner in the crime of killing time. The first instinctual plan that anyone here in Guildford makes is going to the town centre or London. We were no different from the crowd, when we decided a trip to London. By instinctual, I mean last minute, with no creative approach to planning the day ahead, because we do not need to stress our mind over even the littlest of matters, since we expendably did just that for the period that we studied or worked to get our grades and access to the next academic year. I think its laziness. Nevertheless, it is definitely that time of the year when we are entitled to be lazy all day long.