I think many of you would be happy to hear that I am not a big fan of cooking and have very less experience in the kitchen. I used to cook when I was in high school I think and never bothered after. I am very lazy and annoyed when it comes to cooking, but I now know what a great and obviously important skill it is to have. A lot of Indian Students are always concerned about finding good food or preparing food once they start at the uni. Here are a few things I think you should know that’ll help you feel at ease:

a. There’s plenty of Indian Food in the UK. Along with Indian restaurants, you will also find enough Indian at Supermarkets including ready meals. Have you heard of Indian stores here? I’ve heard you get authentic Indian stuff there, should probably pay them a visit.

b. You will find an Indian on campus who’s always cooking great food and will inspire you with no doubts! Even better, you will find a bunch of Indians and together you’d struggle to cook food with the right amount of spices and after a few trials, you’ll nail it.

c. It’s cheaper, you won’t miss home too much and you will eventually start enjoying it. Take my word for it.

Thought I’d share some of my attempts at making simple and decent food over the past few months here. Some looked great, some tasted great, some were horrible but I’m getting better at it!

banana pancakes


Egg curry and rice


This one’s easy. Buy a dhokla mix.


Minced beef in some sauce that I do not remember.


This was when my pancakes looked strange that I smeared jam all over it to make it look appetising.


Lazy days – scrambled egg


Anybody from karnataka reading this? I miss Ragi


Chicken breasts that I tried baking – wasn’t too shabby


Poached egg saved the day


My breakfast from this morning – avocado toast

See, not too bad right? I’m sure you all would do better than this.

You’ve got this!

Sadh x