IAPS Conference at Rome

It’s time to talk Italy..

I had the chance to present my dissertation at the Young researcher’s Workshop as part of the 25th IAPS Conference in Rome earlier this month. IAPS is International Association for People-Environment Studies and the perfect association to be a part of if you are doing my course or any other similar courses and even research on people and environment interactions. They carry out debates, discussion groups, publications, and organise symposia and conferences. The association is very active in Europe and there’s a similar organisation based in the US called EDRA.

Between 30 to 35 students or young researchers were selected to take part in this workshop, most of which were PhD students having finished the first phase of their study. Each entry was segregated into different groups around different core topics – Urban design, place attachment, restorativeness and so on.

 This picture here is the discussion our group (housing and well-being) had after we’ve done presenting our research. The workshop turned out to be very useful. Few of the overlooked and important missing elements of my measures were discussed, followed by a general discussion around complexities in conducting research on homes and well-being.

These events are also all about networking and making friends and talking to people who share or understand your interests…

…and not to mention the food (I mean, It’s ITALY)

There was a fun social dinner organised as well with typical 4-course Italian meal and some south-Italian folk dancing, which I do not have pictures of. The conference helped so much in figuring out the various options of continuing my career as a researcher. I managed to make a summer holiday out of this visit which I will talk about more in later cause I now need to get back to my dissertation 🙂

a presto!