A little bit about me :)

Hi there! My name is Tarun Kishore Chandra Mouli. I am a fresher here at the uni, doing Biomedical Engineering. I am from Bangalore, India. My course here at Surrey is 5 years and also includes a placement. Moving here to Surrey was a huge change for me. A completely different environment (no pun intended), a completely different country, far far away from home. I have been here seven weeks now and have been enjoying every single day of it.

Back in September of last year when I was making my UCAS application, Surrey was the first uni that popped up to my head. We are a high ranked university with highly qualified faculty. Throughout my education, I have always wanted to strike a balance between academics and sport. I did that for 12 years in India and wanted to continue with the same wherever I went. That was a major factor on why I decided to apply for Surrey. The teaching faculty is amazing but so are the sports team. For instance, they play cricket in the highest division of the University league which I think is a given considering how good the Surrey county team is (Virat Kohli wouldn’t sign for any random county team!). The teaching faculty here has a great understanding of the subject and encourages thinking beyond the books. Plus, the uni is just super cool man! library open 24/7, recorded lectures, lecture notes handed out in a printed form and what not, a paradise disguised as a University if you ask me. Did I mention that we have a telescope and a super cool lake on campus? I’m pretty sure you figured out why I chose Surrey then.

I live on campus at Stag Hill Court which is quite an ideal location to stay if you have 9 ams every single day. Yes I am very blessed but on the bright side I can wake up for my 9 am at 8:50 and still make it in time (do not recommend it). Stag hill court also happens to be right opposite the Students’ union and is among the most beautiful places on campus.

I am part of the uni cricket team, biomedical engineering society, Indian society, Tamil society and am also a course rep apart from being a student ambassador here at the Uni. Honestly I do not know how I do it, but I guess that’s the fun of being part of the University.

I have been just 7 weeks through my course and have enjoyed every bit of it so far. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead and share all the exciting information with you’ll. See y’all soon!