Freshers Week!

Hi again, Tarun here. As mentioned in my last blog, I am a first year undergraduate student which basically means that I’m a fresher here at uni. Freshers enjoy quite a few privileges here including a whole week dedicated to them! The ideal way to start with uni if you ask me. Freshers week at Surrey is always a highly anticipated event and among the best freshers weeks in the UK. We have had artists of high caliber perform to excited students in our amazing nightclub, Rubix. Stormzy, Sigala and Aitch are among the the top performers that have attended the University freshers week.

This year, freshers week was a grand spectacle with 7 nights of amazing fun. It started off with a UV paint party on Saturday. Whats better than dancing to your favourite tunes with colour being splashed at you ( balam pichkari vibes). Sunday was probably the most packed night as hip- hop artist Fredo enthralled the crowd with his spectacular music. Kristian Nairn (aka Hodor) then brought Rave of Thrones to beat the Monday blues. We also had a headphone disco accompanied by various other DJ’s throughout the week and for the love island fans, we also had a tropical beach party with Molly Mae and Jordan.

If you’re not a party freak, not a problem! The Uni hosts many exciting events throughout the day to keep you packed while the party goers catch up on their sleep, if you can do both, fantastic. A colour run is hosted by the uni in our state of the art sports park. Its a 2.5km run with volunteers splashing colour on you as you make your way through sports park. Pro tip: Always look out for free food during freshers week, there are plenty of restaurants in town who come to uni during freshers week.

Amidst all the fun, during freshers week students are also given an introduction to their course and also get the opportunity to meet the various lecturers and professors they would come across during their course. My course was also lucky enough to go on a field trip during our freshers week. We went to Elekta Pharmaceuticals for half a day and gained invaluable knowledge from our informative experience.

The most anticipated event however of freshers week is the Freshers Fayre held at PATS field. Almost every single club and society is present under one roof. Students can sign up for as many clubs and societies they like and can even develop new interests in the process. Also, FREE DOMINOS!

Freshers fayre is the perfect culmination to the Freshers Week. It is a joy filled week that in my opinion, every student should experience..