Clubs and Societies at Surrey

The University of Surrey is a very diverse university with students from all over the world. Students of different cultures, languages and religions all uniting for the common goal of high quality education. With such a vast spread its only natural that the university has clubs and societies to ensure these students always feel like they are at home.

The University of Surrey Students Union is a student body run by the university to look after the welfare of the students. All clubs and societies are managed by them. There are over a hundred clubs and societies recognized by the students union. Bhangra society to Zen, Surrey has it all and if want to join a sports club, you can do that too. There are obviously the regulars- cricket, football, basketball, tennis and so on, but there are also sports which are not really common in India as well. Snow sports, rowing and canoeing are not sports many Indians have access to but here at Surrey you can do it all. I myself am part of quite a few clubs and societies, it is a good way to divert oneself from studies at uni.

The Indian society in particular is a very active one. I would highly recommend joining the society as it is the closest direct link to home for all of us Indians studying here at Surrey. Indian society is commonly mistaken as the Hindu society but that is not the case. The Indian society hosts many bollywood and bhangra nights throughout the year besides from hosting pujas for various occasions including Dussehra and Diwali.

Clubs and societies here at Surrey are plenty. Some of them are free, some of them come at a cost but they are all worth it. The more societies one joins the better as it helps the student blend in and make more friends right away. It is also a great escape from books and learning and may even help you develop a new skill or further hone your passion in something that you are interested in.