Surrey meets Indonesia

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Indonesian student

Doctor Appointment

Hey all! Meet again with me, Lina. How are you guys? Good? I heard this month is the beginning of new semester. How was it so far? Good? I’m doing well myself. Although recently one of my leg got sprain and can’t walk properly. Although it’s still a little hurt to walk until now, but […]


Hey!! How are you guys and I hope you are well!! How was your exams? good? My exams are good so far (I think XD ). So for now, I need to wait for the result to comes out. I don’t know when will it be (I think around 2 weeks or so. Considering there […]

Classification and Exam score.

Hey, Lina is here. Recently, I have done my third exam. From what I have seen, as I am a master student, you need to do 4 subjects in each term. Master only have 3 term, first and second are for classes (you enter and learn in a class base) and third mostly for your […]

End of year dinner with Anime Soc

Hello everyone! Lina here! Have you read my previous update? you do? Good! As I have time to write something before continuing to my study (I am now doing revision for Accounting). Anyway! today, I will be telling you about the Year end eat out. Usually, not long after a committee change, the whole society […]

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