Surrey meets Indonesia

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Indonesian student

Work Agency helps too you know?

Hi!! How are you? I hope you are okay. It is morning in here and it was a nice day too. Unlike yesterday, which is cloudy and I was drizzled by rain TT^TT Anyway, today I would like to talk about employment agency that will helps you to go through work. Most who are graduates […]

How to create power point for business

Hi!! How are you doing? Well and dandy?? (ignore my too hard joke ). Anyway, I am here to talk to you about how you can improve your power point into more business like. So, I’ve said to you before that I have been back and fro into the work market (a.k.a job interview). Previously, […]

Hi!! Update of what happened in my life

Hey !! It is been a while for not talking in here!! How are you guys? Sorry for not writing a lot for the past weeks as I have been busy with stuff. So, I will be talking about certain stuff that happening to me recently. Since I will be going to finish my study, […]

Fail or not Fail

Heyya!!! How are you doing?? Good? So, most of the undergrads and post-graduates finally receive their scores. Most of my friends that I know are passing!! Whohooo!! There are some people outside my friends circle that failed theirs, but if that’s happened to you… Do not worry! The Uni will still give you chance and […]

Hair Cut

Hello guys!! How are you?? Lina here! I hope you are well and happy 😊 I’m doing myself. Recently, I got to get a haircut. My legs still hurt due to sprain but yeah, step by step is okay for me. So, I want to talk about hair cut. If you are the type of […]

Interviewing for Data

Hey all!! We meet again! How are you doing? Good? There will be massive input from me because I feel guilty to not have some input on for quite sometimes. Anyway, recently while my leg isn’t working properly. I’m trying to write stuff for my dissertation and also conducting my interview. So, I have done […]

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