Work Agency helps too you know?


How are you? I hope you are okay. It is morning in here and it was a nice day too. Unlike yesterday, which is cloudy and I was drizzled by rain TT^TT

Anyway, today I would like to talk about employment agency that will helps you to go through work.

Most who are graduates (like me) are searching for jobs which would willing to take them and invest to them via training. Those who are like me, from bachelor straight away continuing to another degree without any work experience whatsoever can be clueless of what to expect and what expectation people have for them.

in my opinion, part time job and permanent job within office can be different. Then, for those who only do part time job then goes to office work, it can be a bit challenging. Especially adjusting to office work environment.

Thus are why Management trainee or graduate trainee kind of job is very nice to get as it can kick start your career and you can have a taste to work in different sector.

Currently, I am looking for that kind of job. I did apply to many companies that advertise their graduate trainee job vacancy alone by spreading my CV. However, employment agency can also help you with that. Especially those who are specialized in dealing with graduate.

I did apply to a few agency for graduate to help me searching for more opportunities for me.

But how do they work?

Usually, after they receive your CV, they will contact you (via email or phone) and will talk through what do you want in term of where do you want to work, where is your base, what kind of work do you want to go into, what sector do you want to be in, how much do you want to get etc. Those are the basic questions that usually asked by them.

Or to cut the chase, they will be giving you a form to fill in (about the question asked previously) and later on, you are invited to come into their office or if your base is quite far from where they are, you will be called, and run through what you have wrote to them.

Yesterday, I went to one of their office and it was nice of them to run through what I wrote (I filled the form they sent to me by email) and they asked which career path I aspire to be in and what kind dissertation I wrote during my bachelor degree.

Note: Your dissertation is very important. It is not just a piece of work that you need to submit and get good score, but it is also help potential employer to know what do you get in your study. What kind of person are you (they will ask why did you choose that topic, and it can be indication of what your preference or your passion). Also, they want to know what do you gain by taking that subject, what skill you possess after doing that research. Your dissertation can be a turning point of where company wanted to take you in or not. Your chosen topic can be a distinguishing point that separate you from other candidate. It can be a statement of what makes you unique. So, make sure to take your dissertation seriously.

After all the questions asked, they will be searching in their database of potential employer who would be interested in taking you in. However, don’t expect it to be as quick as flicking your fingers, you still need to help yourself by keep applying to any job offer available.

Most company are opening their management trainee session usually nearing the graduation date (March – September). So better be quick and help yourself by applying to many company as you can. Eventually one or two of them will likely call and proceed you to the next step.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope what I wrote is helpful for you!!