Surrey meets Indonesia

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Indonesian student


Hi everyone! My name is Georgina Lie but most of my friends call me G. I am now in my final year studying towards a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences at the University of Surrey. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia, and am currently living on-campus at Surrey. On top of my studies, I am a […]

Factors of you getting employed

Hello!! Back again with me, Lina!! How are you??? Well, as you can see, I still have no luck in employment. This is why, UK employment is tough and you need to be competitive with what you do. you are one people wanting to have one job and you need to fight against many other […]

Increasing employibility in University of Surrey

Heyya!! Back again with me, Lina! How are you?? Did you read my first part? I can link you to it (Link). There you go! Make sure you read the first part before reading this! Okay, back to topic. As I have said before, the university is mostly always holding something like summer job or […]

Part-Time Work and it is Relevant to your CV

Hey!! Back again with me Lina! How are you guys doing? I’m quite in the slump with what is currently happened now. I applied job but it is quite disheartening. Oh well, I need to try harder. Anyway! Today, I will be talking about the relevant of part-time job and your CV. Firstly, let me […]

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