University of Surrey in helping students employability.


back again with me, Lina! How are you guys??? I hope you are well and healthy!

I will tell you something about university of Surrey. You see, based on my experience as well as my research before coming to this place, I am seeking a university that helps me search job and enable me to create chance to get into employment. Not going to hinder me 0r going to be an obstacle. Especially if you need transcript or something that show your employer that you are capable of doing things academically.

Not only that, if you need advice about how to search work in UK or advice on uk employer who will be likely taking graduates in who do not have any work experience whatsoever, you can get that in employability building (yes, they have their own space and building. In there, you can get service like, check your CV, check your cover letter, dealing with internship if you need any advice bout it and suggesting companies that works together with the University of Surrey or talking about employability in general.

In case of Visa, there is student center where you can deal with visa, visa letter or any documentation needed will be given there. Also, if you have some difficulty in your academic, especially for first year or undergraduate freshers, they have a chance to ask the student service about senior helping you with your trouble. Usually, the senior is those who lives in the same uni accommodation who have experience what you have experienced and thrive from it.  Either way back to visa, this center will also help you giving out detail of what document needed and help you through.

In surrey, there will always event going on. One of them are employment fair. If I am not mistaken, they held it twice, summer and fall/winter. As the name suggest, this fair is about employment and your chance to be hired. Companies within Surrey/Guildford will make a stand there and offer you a job based on the skill or your preference. If you do not have any previous working skill, you can look what make you interested among all those stand within the fair. Don’t forget, you can bring your CV in with you and give them to the personnel within the stand and maybe you will be called. Just think it as you are applying directly to the company psychically instead of online. There is part-time job fair that most of the time are for part-time jobs. I went there and most who make a stand there are jobs for care (elderly care), waitress/waitresses, sale assistant (a.k.a. Shop Assistant) within a mall or fashion shops and a lot more. The last time I went there, even the Heathrow airport ambassador also there to offered some opportunity. Especially those who will be going to internship.  very lively and not bored at all. So you can get the chance to know who the University of Surrey work with.

Lastly, Part-time jobs within the university ground. The uni ground is huge and a bit like labyrinth if you are new. Every corner, there is a cafe or restaurant. Mostly cafe (i.e. Starbucks, Costa, etc). There is a bookstore, there is a canteen like restaurant, pizza shop, convenient store and a lot more. Also, there is student ambassadors. There are quite a few business within the university ground and you guess it, you can apply a part-time job there. You can learn as you go like what I do as student ambassador, since I previously never worked as student ambassador type work, but I have experience some part of what a student ambassador do from my previous study in Chester. Furthermore, this businesses, often to attach a sign that worker needed or part-timer needed. This is your opportunity to gain more work experience and you guess it, not only extra money you can get but work experience. It is part of your real life knowledge too. Some of the sector like student service, often times are holding people to do extra work with reward. Last time, they will pay about £8 something/hour for students who want to pick up new students from Heathrow. There will be training, so you will not be kicked out there to do something without any clue whatsoever. Every job based on your CV, if you are hired, there will be training. Some fact phased will be a bit more competitive if you ask me.  So, for those who like challenge, yes you can get it.

Outside the university, there will always work for you. The university is surrounded by convenient stores, cafes, barber shops, saloon and restaurants (Indian/Chinese) and many more. Sometimes, the business put some sign within the uni wall magazine. So, be extra detail with the wall magazine.

I think I have talked a lot. I will make part 2 later as there are some that I want to talk.