Increasing employibility in University of Surrey


Back again with me, Lina! How are you?? Did you read my first part? I can link you to it (Link). There you go!

Make sure you read the first part before reading this!

Okay, back to topic.

As I have said before, the university is mostly always holding something like summer job or every new semester, there will always be someone who will be leaving the Uni and need replacement. Thus, it is part of your opportunity for freshers or those who in need for job to get going and apply.

The university is also helping you in anyway possible for your career. For instance, within the university ground, the uni give out a space for those who wants to build their own career (entrepreneurship). If you don’t want to work for someone then work for yourself, make your own company and the university is helping you by giving out space (although you need to share with other students who also making their own company. Don’t worry,you there will be rotation and it is scheduled). Also, there is rewards and competition to spice things up and the start up company who win, will be going to receive rewards for their (modal) and will receive acknowledgement by entrepreneurship body.

There is actually a company made by student that won the competition and today, they own their own shop. It is called Sushi Lab. The price are very cheap and very student oriented. Last time, they offer discount for those with grade 2:1 and 2:2. Think of it like reward of your hardship after knowing your report score and after you did your best in the battlefield called exam.

Another thing is, for hospitality you can get a chance to work in student cafe in Rik Medlik Building. This cafe is for the hospitality student who need some working experience and their internship can be in there too. Not only that, within the building too there is a restaurant too and that restaurant is also a place for student to go internship too.

Then, the university also partnering with many companies and this helps students to have easy access if they want internship or placement. The university will help you.

On top of that, based on my experience, what you do as student can also become skill for your CV. For instance, lecturer will ask you to work together as a group. From this, your can say in your CV that you gain team work skill from your assignment given as a team. Then presentation, communication and discussion. As a university student, you will be meeting a lot of people from across the globe and thus, will help you blend in with them and be open about it. This situation will also helps you adjust to international relationship in depth, especially if you aim working in an international company.

So, for those fresher/new student who will be coming to the university of Surrey. have fun and make sure to gain as much knowledge, create as many friends as you can, attend any social events (they are dope yo!) and don’t forget about your future (increase your employibility).

The university is giving you as many facilities as you need it. It is now your choice, which you want to use first.

Work hard, play hard!

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having fun in your new place!!