Welcome to my first blog!

/ Hi, I’m Amir! /

Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening everyone!

I would like to start first by introducing myself.  My name is Amir and I was born in Tehran and lived there for a few years and then moved to Isfahan and have been living there since. I study BSc International Business Management.

Below is a picture of me at the University of Surrey Lake.

I have recently joined the IRAN blog and am gonna be writing about my student life in these blogs as an Iranian student who is going to the second year in 2019-20.

The aim of this blog is for you to get an insight into studying at the University of Surrey, living in the UK an an Iranian and International student, learning about the British culture and its differences with the Persian culture, student life at the university, making friends, Sports clubs and Societies at the university and accommodation, so basically everything (:

In this blog I am going to tell about myself and my background.

First, let’s start by introducing the city where I come from.  Tehran is the capital of Iran and has a population of nearly 9 million.  The city is in north of Iran.  Iran is one of the oldest nations in the world and that is why you can find many beautiful and historical places to visit in Iran.  An example is the Golestan Palace Complex in Tehran with its ornate rooms and marble throne or you can visit Milad Tower which offers panoramic views over the city and is the 6th-tallest tower in the world.

Below is a picture of Tehran.

Moreover, Isfahan is a city in the centre of the country and is known for its beautiful and stunning Persian architecture.  There are many beautiful places to visit in Isfahan like Ali Qapu(which was built in the 16th century), Si-o-se-pol, Chehel Sotoun and Khaju Bridge.

Below is a picture of Naqsh-e Jahan Square which was built in the 17th century, is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and is one of the largest historical square in the world.

Why I chose the UK and the University of Surrey?

I came to the UK nearly two years a go to study English.  I studied English in London for about 6 months and it was my first time abroad by myself.  I liked the British culture, the people, the food and made friends while studying English, so I thought why not continuing my studies in the UK, so moved to Bournemouth to study Foundation.

While studying at Foundation and preparing myself to go to university, I went to several Applicants Days of different  universities and after all of them I decided to choose Surrey as my first choice as the town is near to London, the 2 major airports, South Coast and the campus is green and beautiful and has several restaurants and coffee shops on campus.  The facilities are great and the support that International Students receive is fantastic.  You never feel alone at Surrey.

Also Surrey has one main campus which is Stag Hill and everything is close distance to each other and student accommodation is on campus as well, so you can literally wake up 10mins before your lecture.  The other thing is that employability is really great at Surrey and that’s what they focus on too much to ensure that students will have a fantastic career future.  Moreover the University of Surrey has more than 200 societies and sports clubs, so you can find anything that you might be interested in and play them even competitively against the other universities.  We have Surrey Sports Park which near Stag Hill and Manor Park campus. It has world-class facilities which includes a gym, Olympic swimming pool and there are more than 40 sports that you can play at the Sports Park.  Also they give discount to University of Surrey students Yeeyyy!!

In the next posts I will talk about different topics in more details but for now I hope you enjoyed reading this post and the beautiful picture below from the University of Surrey Lake.

Have a wonderful morning, afternoon and evening!