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A common question that I get asked in Applicants Days, Open Days, Campus Tours, etc is “how is accommodation at the University of Surrey?”.

So, in this post I’m gonna write about accommodation at the University of Surrey and my experience from living at university accommodation, Guildford and the UK as I know accommodation is one of the most important things to consider when coming to university or to the UK for the first time.

Introduction to accommodation at the University of Surrey

Firstly, let’s talk about accommodation at the University of Surrey because most of the students live at university accommodation for their first year.

One of the advantages that students at uni of Surrey have regarding accommodation is wide range of offers. At Surrey there is accommodation from Band A (and then B, C, D, E) to Band F where Band A is the cheapest and Band F the most expensive one. The price of the bands changes depending on the location, room’s size, having shared toilets, showers & kitchen or having en-suit rooms. All bands are shared kitchen except band F which is a studio flat.

You can find the exact price for each band and more information about them at

There are 3 locations for the accommodation which are Stag Hill campus, Manor Park campus & Hazel Farm.

Below is a picture of Manor Park campus Accommodation.

My experience at University Accommodation

Now, let’s talk about my experience at University Accommodation. For my first year, I stayed at Band C, Battersea Court which is on Stag Hill campus. Kitchen, showers & toilets are shared at Band C, Battersea Court. I enjoyed my stay at university accommodation as I used to be really close to the library, lectures, seminars, labs, coffee shops & restaurants on campus and all the events happening at Stag Hill. I made friends with my flat mates and we used to gather in the kitchen, play games, talk, have meals together, etc.

Below is a picture of our Christmas Dinner (:

Below you can see the library in front of one of the Battersea Court’s buildings.

Accommodation after 1st year  

You can apply for university accommodation for other years after 1st year but you are not guaranteed accommodation after the 1st year. Students tend to rent a house with their friends for other years after 1st year but there are some students who live at university accommodation for other years as well as 1st year.

For finding off-campus accommodation, we are lucky to have UNIVERSITY OF SURREY LETTINGS here at Surrey. They help you to find private sector or off-campus accommodation. They also give lots of support & advise to students regarding off-campus accommodation. 

You can find more about UNIVERSITY OF SURREY LETTINGS at

Accommodation in the UK

When coming to the UK, a big difference that you might notice is that in the UK there are mostly houses instead of apartments or flats. (This might be different in big cities like London or for university accommodation)

Generally, finding accommodation in the UK is quite easy.  There are lots of sites and apps where you can find any type of accommodation, but just make sure that those sites or apps are legit.

Below is a picture of beautiful Guildford for you to get an idea how living at Guildford would be. Enjoy it!  


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