Surrey meets Iran

Learn about life at Surrey from a current Iranian student

End of the second semester

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. First of all the weather doesn’t look good in the UK at all, it is about 14 degrees and raining. I can imagine you guys experiencing a more summary weather. Today I am going to talk a little bit about the end of semester in […]

Design Project

Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well. I know it has been long since my last blog. The reason being is that I am currently working on my design project which is equivalent to the dissertation. The design project is taking the whole semester with the final submission being in June which is less […]

Surrey Sports Park

Hello everyone: Hope you are all well. As I promised last time, today I am going to introduce you to The Surrey Sports Park. Surrey Sports Park is a £36m excellent training venue own by the University of Surrey, which is located about 15 minutes walk from the campus. It is interesting to know that […]

Activities in Surrey

Good afternoon everybody.   I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead.   Today I am going to talk about different activities that you would be able to do when you join the University of Surrey.   Usually, the fist week of the year which is called […]

Chemical Engineering

Hello, everyone. I hope you are well and had a great Christmas holiday. I have just finished the final exams and ready to start the new semester. For today, I would like to talk you through Chemical Engineering (ChemEng), here in the UK and what actually you would be studying if you pick to study […]

End of December

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to write very briefly about the last week of December here in Guildford. As you may know, it’s Christmas day in two days time on Friday 25th of December. The University feels empty and quiet at the moment since most of the students […]