Research Trip to Cardiff


Cardiff Bay


Group Photo


Hello, everyone! Last weekend, I visited Cardiff, the capital of Wales, as a research trip for one of my modules. The module aims at leaning how to manage tourism destinations from a variety of perspectives. The objective of the research trip is to conduct research in Cardiff in order to find the solutions to the challenges and problems identified in advance by applying the learnings from class. The class is divided into groups of 2 to 4, and each group is encouraged to create questionnaires and interview grids for the research. Today, I will talk about the trip from two aspects: research and social activity.

Our group has two target groups for the research; one is visitors to Cardiff and the other is tourism stakeholders in Cardiff (e.g. managers at hotels, restaurants, and tourism attractions). We created a questionnaire for the first group with basically closed ended questions, and a interview grid for the second group with open ended questions so that they can give us more insights from the professional perspective. Overall, the research went very smoothly mainly because of two reasons; one is that we have conducted the pilot study in Guildford and the other is that we have worked on bonding ourselves since the very beginning. The pilot study gave us some important findings for our research, such as average time per interview, success rate per interviewer, and performance of the contents (how well the respondents understand the questions). Because we were aware of these points, we could easily plan on our time schedule and the target number per day. Developing close friendship between the group members was also a key. Since we formed the group in February, we have had formal meetings occasionally as well as casual gatherings including the weekend trip to Stockholm, where we found out about each other to personal levels. It was easy for us to identify whom we can ask help from as well as whom we should provide help to within the group, as we know who is better in what skill.

Social activity was another exciting part of the trip. Although this module is not compulsory for all the tourism students, most of us are in the class and we are very close to each other after 7 months has passed as course mates. On the trip, we had students from more than 10 nationalities! We played some games in the hotel on the first night, and we went out for drinks in Cardiff Bay on the second night. Overall, it was well balanced with research and social activities; just another reason why studying tourism at Surrey is the best choice!