Surrey meets Japan

The experiences of a Japanese student at Surrey

Students’ Budget Recipes – Spaghetti Edition

It might sound challenging to start preparing and budgeting your own meals at first right after the start of school. However, there are some spaghetti recipes that are easy and very affordable. Therefore, I would like to introduce some of those today as a Japanese student, who loves spaghetti, at the University of Surrey. List […]

Accommodation Experience at University of Surrey

List of Contents Type of Accommodations There are several types of accommodations at the University of Surrey. First, there are some locations for accommodations, which are on-campus and off-campus such as Manor Park and Hazel Farm. In terms of the off-campus accommodations, students living there commute to school mainly by walking, bus, or bike. Secondly, […]

Life in Guildford as a Student of University of Surrey

List of Contents Where Guildford is Guildford is an area in a county, Surrey, which is only 30 minutes away to South from London by train. Over 70,000 people are living in Guildford, and over 15,000 out of the population are students from the University of Surrey. Therefore, there are quite a lot of students […]

Joining Societies & Clubs at University of Surrey

List of Contents Clubs & Societies at UoS There are a lot more clubs and societies than 100 at the University of Surrey. These societies vary from sports ones, such as basketball, football, and walking, to other ones including Japanese, LGBTQ+, and even Disney. Therefore, there is a high possibility that you can find a […]

Study Abroad without IELTS? Pre-sessional English 5-week Course at the University of Surrey

A happy new year to everyone. I hope you will be blessed in 2024. As I took part in a pre-sessional English course for 5 weeks (PS5) right before my master’s study in the summer of 2023, I would like to share these contents below in regard to my experience there. List of contents Why […]

When Should I Study Abroad? – Journey to Start Studying in the UK

List of contents Who I am Very nice to meet you, everyone reading this blog. I am Sakura from Japan and an international student studying at the University of Surrey in the UK. My major is Digital Marketing in Master’s. The Journey until I Decide to Study at UoS As I am studying at the […]

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