Breakfast Ideas for Students

The life of students can be quite busy, especially close to assignment or examination dates. This blog is for students, and others, who want to have a variety of breakfast options even during such busy days. I will add a little Japanese taste to the different types of breakfast and comment from my perspective as a Japanese student in the UK.

A Picture of My Brunch

List of Contents

  • Bread
  • Oats / Cereals
  • Pancake
  • Yoghourt and fruits
  • Leftover


Bread is often eaten with butter or other spreads since it is both easy and tasty. Another option is to top it with eggs, ham, and avocado. For a more direct breakfast, consider avocado toast with scrambled eggs and a pinch of salt and pepper. You may also prepare French toast by dipping slices of bread in a combination of beaten eggs, milk, and sugar before frying till golden brown. Sprinkle some matcha powder or strawberry jam on top to add a bit of Japanese flavour. 

Oats / Cereals

Oatmeal and cereal are quick and simple breakfast choices. To create overnight oats, soak them in milk or yoghurt with fruits and nuts. You start the day with a nutritious meal that is ready to consume. For a Japanese taste, mix oats into a cup of warm miso soup. This may seem strange, but it gives a cosy and flavorful flavour to your morning.


Pancakes are a popular breakfast option for many. If you want something sweet but don’t want to make pancakes, top a slice of bread with sliced bananas and some honey. It’s a simple method to fulfil your appetite for something sweet and tasty.

Yoghourt and Fruits

Yoghurt and fruits create a delicious and healthy breakfast. Mix plain yoghurt with fresh fruits like berries and bananas. You can also add some honey and granola for some crunchy texture.


Sometimes the best tasting breakfast can be made from leftovers. If you have leftover rice, you can make soy sauce yak-onigiri (grilled rice balls). Simply shape your rice into balls or triangles, brush with soy sauce, and grill / fry until crispy. Accommodations of the University of Surrey have ovens, so you can utilise one to make it. Another idea is to use leftover vegetables or meat to make a simple and delicious omelette. 

Thank you very much for reading this far. I hope you will have a lovely day.