Society Event (on 6 March)




皆さん色々な曲を歌っていました。本当に色々でした。全然詳しくないのでどう色々だったのかを書くのが難しいのですが、日本語の曲も英語の曲も流れていて……私が知っているものもありました! 誰でもそれぞれ自由に楽しめる雰囲気でした。


Hello! Hope everyone is doing alright. I am not quite following all the current news (as I am drown in the sea of information…and I have been a bit busy) but I am still concerned with the situation…Hope no one will get any further stress from it. The current situation at Surrey is available here. In this blog, I will rather avoid writing anything in deep with an assumption. Thanks to the spring whether (finally!), I have been wearing spring jackets for last few weeks.

It’s more than 10 days ago (at the time, “non-essential contact” or such event was alright) when I finally joined a Japanese society event! After being isolated from social events for many weeks because of assignments as a justification, I really enjoyed the event. It was a “karaoke night”. “The good thing of Japanese society is the atmosphere of welcoming non-Japanese people” said many people. I really agree with it. The cultural and welcoming atmosphere was really nice for me (a new comer) to get involved. Everyone was friendly and talked to me “you should sing as well!” “What kind of music do you listen to?” I was sorry to reply “I only listen to classical music…” but they were really kind. (I know it might be a bit odd of someone who suddenly goes to a karaoke night for a first social event in hundreds of days if he/she only listens to classical music…) (But, so, okay now it’s proven that karaoke night is a fun event for people like me as well.)

I heard many different songs at the event. I am not very knowledgeable about types of song, but I was at least able to recognise the difference of Japanese and English… Everyone enjoyed their favourite ones.

Japanese society is really for everyone. Please visit the society when you come to Surrey!