Surrey meets Japan

The experiences of a Japanese student at Surrey

How I Overcame Homesickness as an International Student

Homesickness is quite a common thing that many international students experience because it is difficult for them to meet people they know. Especially if you are from a country that is far from the UK, it could be challenging due to the time and cost you need to go back, which makes it less easy […]

How to Make Your Study Abroad a Little More Affordable

Do you want to study as an international student but also want to minimise your spending? This blog is for you to obtain some ideas to do so. List of Contents Student Discounts There are thankfully many brands offering student discounts in the UK. The first company you would use student offering is for your […]

How to Do Group Work Effectively

Tasks and works at university involve some group work. (50% of the work in my course was group work.) Teamwork skill is considered important even for jobs. Hence, this blog is for you to know how to collaborate with classmates in group work effectively, specifically at university.  List of Contents Set Rules Deciding regulations within […]

How to Catch Up with Classes as an International Student

Does being unable to catch up with classes make you worry? If so, this blog is for you to know how to attend classes with confidence. How I personally do each of the contents will be explained below. List of Contents Pre-study As a student with English as a second language, studying beforehand helped me […]

Cultural Differences between the UK and Japan – Experience of Studying Abroad from Asia

For international students living in a new environment/country, there is not only a language difference but also cultural differences to understand. In this blog, you can see some cultural gaps I felt since I came to the UK as an International student from Japan. List of Contents Punctuality I believe some of you have heard […]

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