A wonderful place to be!

Hello everyone!:)

I can tell you that I was nervous to come to the UK to do my Masters but it is a decision that I do not regret and that I am very thankful for because Surrey is a wonderful place to be.  I learned so much with my program and I gained so much experience by working as a student ambassador. The people I met with my work have only been very nice and helpful, and I am so grateful to have had this amazing experience working with all of them.

I would definitely advice students that if they have the time then to try to get a part time job on campus, like becoming a student ambassador. And to get to know the professors and the staff at the Admissions and Recruitment Office, this network and support system is amazing!!  So get to know them and get involved, that is one of the best things you can. I joined the football team during the year and during the summer I was able to play with my group of friends while we were working with our dissertations. The picture below shows us after playing at Surrey Sport Park one Monday afternoon. (Yes, most of the time I was the only girl, it was a great time!)  By joining different clubs and societies such as football,  I met amazing friends  that I am sure I will keep in contact with! Do not be afraid of making friends on campus that are from a different programs or different countries. It is impressive how much you can learn from other people and how much you can share, it  just makes the whole university life experience better.

We had an amazing 2017 summer at Surrey so I took some photos of the symbolic stag! Which is at the entrance of our Stag Hill campus in Guildford.

The Stag is a symbol for the University of Surrey because the kings used to hunt in these grounds in the medieval times. If you come here you will be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This is the best place to study because as a student you have a lot of open and green space ( in comparison to busy cities with lots of people and a lot of traffic) and you have the tranquillity that is needed for studying.

I was very lucky to have lived on the Stag Hill campus, this is where all of the main buildings are. I was only 3 minutes from the library, and I was in the third floor therefore my view was beautiful, I am very grateful for this. Make sure you apply for accommodation early and please understand that you will only be guaranteed a room on campus if you are an international student. The picture below is the view from my room, I woke up to this beautiful view everyday.

You can fall in love with the university’s campus as well as with the beautiful Guildford town. Its architecture and style, at least for me, is very English. Therefore it is very beautiful and quaint. The town is very safe and there are different things to do as a student such as shopping, hiking, going out for tea or a beer with your group of friends. Guildford town centre is only 10 minutes away from the university. The picture below shows a typical house here in Guildford, with a typical English car. This house is in a street that connects the university to the town centre, so every time I go to town I see this house.

And lastly, you cannot forget that the University of Surrey is only 30min-1hr away from London. This was very helpful when I wanted to go visit friends that live in London, or I wanted to travel and I had to go to the airport. (Guildford is only 45 mins from Gatwick airport.) What I found out later in the year is that you can go to London by bus as well, this can be helpful to students since travelling by train in England can be a little more expensive than in other countries. The bus I used to go to London is called National Express. The trips are around 7£. So this is just another option to go to London. The pictures below is taken in front of the Buckingham Palace, right in the Middle of July, when there are flowers everywhere and the weather is very nice. (You can see the London Eye at the back)

Now that I am finishing my dissertation and finishing my academic year here, I will have to return to Bolivia. The good news is that I will never forget this place and I am very thankful for all of the learning and growing experiences that I gained through other people, through my studies, and through the network and support system that is available. You should know that the University of Surrey is a wonderful place to be and that it is a great place to study. You can always visit it during an Open Day or you can participate at one of the Webinars that take place during the year where a presentation is given with a lot of useful and important information about everything that you need to know before you apply and come to Surrey.

I hope you have an amazing Fall and Winter time and I wish you only the best of luck if you are starting your university years here in Surrey! You will fall in love with it and you will have a wonderful time! 🙂

Take care and kind regards!!

Carla/Carlita 🙂