Surrey meets Latin America

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Latin American student

Student Union Venues

Going to university is not only about the grades is also about making long-life friends and memories that you can cherish forever. The Student Union offers a range of activities, for all sorts of likings, throughout the year in their different venues which include Rubix, The Basement, Harris Bar and the Marquee. Rubix Rubix is […]


Hey everyone! Apologies that I haven’t posted in a while. For the last few weeks I’ve been preoccupied with Surrey Decides, the elections for students who will be working for the Student’s Union. I will be talking a lot more about that in the next post. However, this time I want to discuss Placement that’s […]

Life at Surrey

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re all having a great week. I’m super excited to be posting this blog which is about life at Surrey. I believe that talking about the non-academic things that the university offers is so important because living is more than just studying, it’s about enjoying yourself, meeting new people and going […]

Accommodation in Guildford (Part 2)

Good afternoon!  I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m taking advantage of the fact that it is still the first week of lessons so I’m posting the next instalment of my blog about accommodation in Guildford. This time I will be talking about all the ways that you can rent private accommodation. I’m […]

Accommodation in Guildford (Part 1)

Hi again everyone!!  I apologise it’s been awhile since my last post. My assessments took place in January so I only got back to writing now. I will try to make up for it by having weekly updates for the month of February.  For my first post in 2022, I want to talk about accommodation […]

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