Surrey meets Latin America

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Latin American student

Colours Youth Festival vlog + blog

VLOG Hi! I disappeared last week because I decided to try something different and vlog the Colours Youth Festival, but it was my first time doing something like that and I severely underestimated the amount of time and effort that it takes (especially when you don’t have a clue what you’re doing and you’re learning […]

Year 3 week 2!

Hi! I was thinking about making a blog post on a specific subject unrelated to my week but my week has been so eventful that I decided to just blog about what’s going on with me. Even though it’s just week 2 I already have a lot of coursework to hand in, lots of exercise […]

Year 3 second semester is a go!

Hi! It’s been a while, last semester has been the worst semester I’ve had by far. After being at the hospital I spent a lot of time playing catchup and recovering and I ended up having to apply for extenuating circumstances for all of my in semester test which meant 100% of my grade for […]

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