Latin Americans at Surrey

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Latin American students


Today I’m going to talk about clearing, as I worked for the university during clearing this past week and it’s something I wasn’t aware of while applying to UK universities (or until last week really, I was very confused when I got the email requesting people to work during clearing since I associate that word […]

Participating in Clinical Trials

As you may know, the university has a clinical research centre where they run clinical studies. You can register as a volunteer on their website, as well as see any open studies ( and occasionally there’s emails about the studies sent out to all students. I recently participated in a study at the university and […]

Working while studying at Surrey

I’ve been wanting to write a post about job applications and what working as an international student entails but I keep putting it off because so far my job search hasn’t been very successful and I don’t want my experiences to make people think it’s impossible to find a job, but on the other hand […]

University Open Days

This past weekend I was a student helper at the University’s Open Day. These take place several times a year and they’re an opportunity for students to get to know their university and get some exposure to how it would be like to study their specific subject at the university. I didn’t know about open […]

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