My journey to find a placement

Hi there! You might have notice I haven’t posted a blog here for a while, I spent the past year working at Toyota GB Plc in the Marketing Programmes Team.

Having now completed my placement and back in my final year of university I wanted to share with all of you my placement experience. Before I tell you all about my placement year experience, all the things I learned and my advice of transitioning from placement back to university I want to tell you about the journey I went through to find the right placement.

When I started my second year, I knew I wanted to find a placement year, but I wasn’t sure where to start or for that matter what kind of job to look for. Thankfully as part of the university curriculum all second-year students will be asked to attend a few seminars during the first couple of weeks to prepare you to start your search for placement. This seminar will guide you through the application process, teach you how to prepare a great CV and Cover Letter and will also help you further understand the importance of a placement year and how it will impact your future career.

In addition to seminars the university offers a Carers fair where students can meet potential employers and learn more about the available placement opportunities. This fair was a turning point for me, after speaking with recruiters I realised a placement year would not only impact me a student but would also would significantly help me grow and start building my career path.

The university also provides students with a verity of resources to help you start your search for placement but also to help you ensure you are ready for this. The Employability and Career centre has a website exclusively for Surrey Uni students available 24/7 where they can find all type of information regarding the placement journey

Surrey Pathfinder will become your go to website! Here you will be able to see all type of job posting, check your CV through a CV builder software and book face to face or online meetings with a careers advisor to discuss your CV or Cover Letter but also get advice on placement applications like interview prep or psychometric tests prep.

If you’re thinking of doing a placement year, I would suggest you start by setting an appointment and discuss your career plans with a professional, you will see many opportunities online so knowing what you’re looking for will help you narrow down your search!

Good luck with your placement applications and stay tuned for more placement tips and stories about my placement!