Photocopying & Printing Improvements

Library printing and photocopying are being combined into a single easy to use service.

On 28th June six new combined photocopiers/printers will be installed, with more to follow in the future. This will enable ‘follow me’ printing to any of these devices from any Library PC. The devices will also function as photocopiers and scanners.

  • All new devices will print in black and colour on A4 and A3 simplex (single-sided) and duplex (double-sided).
  • Current payment systems will be combined into a single system using the EMOS online payment system or by payment at the Print Kiosk on Level 1 in the Library.
  • Credits on your existing photocopying card account will be automatically transferred to the new system
  • Release your printing at the device easily by swiping your campus card or entering your University ID number.
  • Remote printing from student/staff laptops is under development

Due to the installation there will be restricted self service printing and photocopying in the Library on the 28th June – some limited printing will be available from Library Level 1 on a free vend basis.

Surrey Design & Print serviced photocopying and printing will be unaffected by the switchover.

For other printing and photocopying facilities please check with your department.