Christmas loan periods

 Borrower Status Loan Status Issued/Renewed Due for Return
 Undergraduate Ordinary Loan 6th December – 24th December 2013 14th January 2014
 Postgraduate Ordinary Loan Issued for normal 4 week period*
 Undergraduate/ Postgraduate  7 Day Loan 17th December – 24th December 2013 2nd January 2014
  Undergraduate/ Postgraduate  1 Day Loan  23rd December 2013 2nd January 2014

Loans on 7 Day and 1 Day items are only extended for the period when the Library is closed. Should these items be reserved they will need to be returned by the due date.
Any items not returned by the due date will be liable to overdue charges.

*Items are not required to be returned on days when the Library is closed – 25th December 2013 – 1st January 2014 inclusive.
Overdue charges are not charged on these days.

If you have any queries please contact Library User Services at or on 01483 689235.