What’s new in the Library

Level 4 collaborative study space

After an incredibly busy summer, we’re really pleased to welcome you back to some fabulous refurbished spaces in the Library. The scale of the work we undertook meant that work went into the first half of October, but we hope you’ve forgiven any initial disruption now that we have 120 additional spaces for this academic year. Here’s some of the highlights!



Individual carrels on Level 5 all have their own task lights and provide really effective space for more concentrated study. There’s also now a water dispenser up on Level 5.






If you haven’t checked out Level 4 yet, do go and take a look at a range of lovely new collaborative spaces and furniture. These study pods with individual lights are proving particularly popular.


There’s four new bookable group study booths up on Level 4 as well, all with full integrated AV and stylish new glass ‘white’ boards. You can book these in the usual way through the Library website.

One of the ways we’ve been able to make room for more study spaces is to move books into new mobile shelving. In the process we moved every book in the library to create a simplified sequence and they can now be found in the following locations:

We had student ambassadors about all through October to help students use the new shelving effectively and safely – the mantra is Look before you lock! If you need any help using the new shelving or finding a book just ask staff at the support hub on Level 1.

We hope you enjoy your new spaces. With phase 2 coming up next summer for further areas of levels 4 and 5 we’d really like you feedback about what does and doesn’t work for you. If you have any comments or suggestions please email us on library-feedback@surrey.ac.uk.