Library+ – additional study space during January exams

Library+ returning Monday 7 January

Library+ additional study spaces will be returning to the AC building from revision week for the exam period, 7-25 January 2019.

As previously, you’ll find a mix of quieter rooms for individual study and some rooms to collaborate and discuss and there’ll be clear directions again from the exit of the Learning Centre (just outside the shop). If you need to use a computer, you can take over one of the Library laptops.

The space will be open 8am-12 midnight every day of the week.

As in the library, if you do have any problems with noise you can use the usual text alert service Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Library staff will respond.

There’ll be water, hot drinks and fruit available in the break-out foyer area, and some cold snacks on sale Mon-Fri 11am-5pm .

If you have any comments or feedback please email