Goodbye for the time being

Hai there!

How’s everyone been? Most Surrey University students are now on summer break for the next 3+ months till we begin again in September 2015. The only university related event for most of us will be in 2 weeks time when our year end examinations results are results; fingers crossed!

Besides that, Graduation Ball is just around the corner. Happening on July 17th, Graduation Ball is one of the most memorable nights for many students during their time at Surrey University. The Graduation Ball is the final part in the 4-day graduation itinerary, which runs from Tuesday 14th July till Friday 17th July.

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I begin my placement year in mid-July for a year. Thus, I won’t be blogging as often during the coming year. However, I would still strongly encourage prospective and future students to send in your enquiries to or and to keep an eye on our Malaysia Facebook page for updates and posts regarding university life.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to blog about my life at Surrey University and hope that future students enjoy it just as much as I have thus far. Remember, wonderful things happen here 😀

Till next time; Selamat tinggal!