Entry. 1 : I’m Jessie

Hi everyone!

So this is my first blog post on here and I am one of the new ambassadors this year. I am excited and extremely honoured to share my years of experiences in Surrey and in the UK, maybe even in Malaysia and other countries.

Small Introduction, My name is Jessie. I am from Malaysia, of course. I am studying Psychology and currently a second year student. I’ve been living in the UK for about 3 years and I do travel home quite frequently. I go home every break the university offers, that is Christmas, Easter and summer mainly because I do get quite homesick and I miss the FOOD! I do want to spend my breaks with family and friends from home.
I am also a committee member in the Malaysian Society! My role in the society is a Social Media Director. So I am pretty involved in the Malaysian community in the university. There has been multiple events in the society that I had to help create and make happen which all ended up super successful! I couldn’t be happier that I have the opportunity to meet so many Malaysians and doing fun activities to ease out homesickness.

Another society that I do join is also the Abacus Society, it’s a society where the British Born Chinese (BBC) comes together. I do join them as I am Chinese as well. They have loads of social events and I’ve made a couple good friends that I’ve bonded over at these events.

As I am quite busy, it is quite tough to balance out so many different things at the same time as second year does get quite intense. Including revision, assignments, meetings, societies and now blogging. The best advice I can give for a busy schedule is to have a planner. A notebook kind of thing that you write down with a pen all your lectures and meetings. This seems to surprise a lot of people because I carry it almost everywhere with me and I prefer it over typing on a phone.

As I am a psychology student, I do quite a lot of readings and assignments which can get pretty hectic and intense sometimes. It is a fun subject and I do enjoy studying it a lot. I’ve made really good and amazing friends. And of course, my fellow colleague Iman, studies Psychology and in the same year is another Malaysian Student Ambassador and also my President in the Malaysian Society.

So this is the end of my first blog post and I am very excited to write my next one.

Stay tuned!