Leaving the nest for the first time


I have been busy… *cough cough* eating.

I finally came back to Malaysia for the summer holidays!

I have been stuffing my face with Malaysian food 24/7. Ramly burger at 1am, anyone?

Many of you are preparing for your first year at university right now. I remember the feeling… Excitement mixed in with a bit of dread and worry. Excitement from finally going to study abroad, having freedom etc. but dreading leaving your family, the environment that you are so familiar with, and for me, the food that I had taken for granted. Hehe #foodie

To be honest, even though it will be my third year back in the UK, I still feel that every time I say goodbye to my parents at the airport.

I learnt to cope. We all have to, in the end.

One of the ways was for me to set a time to call my parents. I would call them every weekend around (my) lunch time. Of course, sometimes one of us would not be free then we will just skip that week. My mom still complains that I do not call them unless she bugs me t0 (which is not true, btw. I just like to take my own sweet time waking up during the weekend). If there was nothing much to talk about, the call would be short. Sometimes, it would be more than an hour long if I had something juicy to spill. =)

Besides that, I learnt that talking to someone will keep your mind off homesickness. It does not matter who it is or what you talk about. It is much better to be with other humans than to sit in your room alone hoping that you will stop feeling sad and alone. If you are living in halls, go to the kitchen or common areas and just say Hi to your flatmates. I did just that and got invited to go grocery shopping with them. Getting lost together is much better than getting lost alone. =) We got lost A LOT.

I brought a lot of food from Malaysia. I LOVE instant bubur because of the MSG. Haha! But also because I can’t be bothered to make rice porridge for myself here. I liked bringing Maggi Curry, Mi Sedap Soto etc. because the flavours reminded me of home. But I found that they sold the Penang White Curry and Maggi Curry at the Asian supermarket in town so I only bring them back if I have room to spare in my luggage.

Besides being able to have comfort food in the UK, I also bring instant food back because you honestly won’t feel like going grocery shopping when you first move in. I just wanted to unpack and feel comfy in my room. If you did not bring anything, why not buy some sandwiches or anything you can get your hands on at the airport.

Lastly, bring something to decorate your room with. Pictures of your friends and family, your favourite poster, your favourite pillow… To me, it’s like bringing a piece of home with me. There will be something that isn’t new and unfamiliar in an environment that is still uncomfortable.

I hope this post helps in some way or another. I have had emails asking about how to cope with homesickness and I would be more than happy to answer more in-depth on this topic or any others.

Goodbye for now!