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Stephen Gourley visits Hong Kong

Stephen Gourley recently made a two week visit to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to initiate new collaborative projects with mathematicians there. He worked with Professor Yijun Lou on the mathematical modelling of invasive weeds and pests. The project is motivated by the fact that these weeds and pests live outside their native territories and are […]

Sara Pasquetti awarded Perimeter Fellowship

The first Emmy Noether Fellows, at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, have been announced.  Sara Pasquetti is one of two winners.  The Fellowships bring exceptional early career physicists to Perimeter for periods of three months to a year. They enable Fellows to pursue their research within Perimeter’s stimulating environment and to interact […]

Neville Boon passes PhD viva

Neville Boon passed his PhD viva today with flying colours.  The title of his thesis is “Discrete stochastic models of molecular motor stepping cycles“.  The external examiner was Matthew Turner (University of Warwick) and the internal examiner was Gianne Derks.  Neville’s project was supervised by Rebecca Hoyle and funded by EPSRC.

Philip Aston participates in Study Group

Philip Aston participated in the Mathematics in Medicine Study Group on 15-17 April in London (the UK MMSG NC3Rs Study Group 2013).  He worked on the project “Modelling heart rate changes in the mouse as a system of delayed, weakly coupled oscillators“.  Details of the research problem can be found here.  According to Philip, “it […]

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