Tips and tricks to get you through exam season

Hello all, 😊

It’s been a while since I posted any blogs on here… Exam season in december was very busy for me. I had family travel over from Jerusalem to spend christmas together – It was such a nice break to have my family around me once again and give me a break from studying.

Familiarising myself with semester 2 has taken a bit of time but i’m looking forward to getting in the right flow of things 🙂

Am I the only one to feel like this in exam time? No, you aren’t, it’s perfectly fine to feel like you have an overload of work, that you have no time to exercise, to spend time with family or friends because you feel like you’re wasting time or simply to relax. We’ve all been there and I sure have. Whenever I have exams I get this feeling that my worlds crumbling with overloading work but I have gradually learnt to manage myself better.

Here are a few tips and tricks I use to help me get through revision period.

  • NEVER leave anything to the LAST MINUTE, I mean it! 👀 It’s the last thing you want to do because that’ll lead to more stress, enhanced procrastination, total despair and ultimately gawking at the ceiling for like 7 hours! 🙂
  • TIMETABLES!! I can’t stress this enough, they have helped me so much. right at the very beginning of the holiday, to not loose the momentum of work, I create my own timetable for the entire duration of the holiday, week by week – or sometimes I do it week by week – it’s up to you really but just go with me on this one! So say I would allocate either working out 3-4 times a week, make sure I spend time with my family (going to church, eat with them, drinking coffee in the garden, then allocate times for studying particular modules and I would set them for say 2-3 hrs per module and then have a break to even out the day.
  • PAST PAPERS AND TUTORIALS are a great help with ensuring you are comfortable with the module material. usually you’ll find the exam paper relatively similar and less daunting.
  • WORKING OUT is really important for me to give me some headspace and sweat out my stress/anger. it also tires me out a little so I can do anything other than what I have set for the day. Otherwisee it’s too much, ya get what i’m saying 😉 I like to go for runs, do some hiit, swimming is a really good one, pilates, cardio, yoga, powerlifting, anything really just as long as your sweating and moving
  • REWARDING yourself is a good mechanism to have in place, as it ensures that once you’ve done the work in the time space needed you can treat yourself and hence the cycle goes on. For me, before my cat died, my reward would be to sit out in the garden and enjoy the sun with her and stroke her or say I decided to go see my cousins for a while. Whatever works for you
  • RELAXING is an important part of the process because it allows you to have a break say for a day you spend it with your family at the beach or you all decide to go on a road trip and camp overnight somewhere.
  • SEEK HELP if you’re stuck on something, remember time is precious and staying in contact with coursemates is a good way to stay on top of things. Know that it is of course okay to ask for help when your stuck rather than spending hours on one thing and disrupting your work. ONce you’ve asked your question and are waiting a response, move on to something else – you’ll avoid getting annoyed about it and you’ll still be on top of your work.

These are practically all the tips and tricks I use to get me through exams. Just remember, you are all doing your best, and you can’t beat yourself up if things don’t work out the way you want them to. Just keep at it, smile and you’ll do great! I realise this blog is a little overdue seens as the content is a little late but for your next exams bear in some of these things.