Surrey meets Nigeria

This blog covers the highs and lows of living life as a Nigerian student at the University of Surrey!

#PhD at Home

Hello there, Welcome back to my diary. I hope you are well and staying safe. Although I do not have access to the laboratory to continue my experiments, my PhD continues! At the beginning of the lockdown, I had to identify activities I could carry out at home without needing access to the laboratories, the […]

Cooking: My Therapy

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to my diary. How are you doing? It’s been four weeks and I know life in lockdown may be a bit boring and stressful, with every day looking the same. Yet, the world is not still, the clock is ticking, we have morning and evening, day and night, sunrise and sunset […]

Adenike is Six Months Old!

Dear Diary, I received my six-month progress review form on Wednesday and I wondered how fast time flies. It felt just like yesterday when I wrote my first blog, introducing Adenike…the fresher, and I tried explaining what it means to be a PhD student. Giving a quick recap of what I have done these six […]

Sports Clubs and Societies at Surrey

Hi guys, Adenike is here again and I want to talk about the sports clubs and societies at the University of Surrey. The University of Surrey is an international community with over 200 clubs and societies and I have challenged myself to list every one of them. I am doing this to say that there […]

Timeout in London

Hola! I’m glad to have you back to my diary. Hope you’re alright. I am doing okay, thanks for checking…☺ So, I had an appointment in London on this faithful day and decided to explore the city after my appointment before I returned to Guildford. Since it was not a planned day off, I simply […]

The Application Process Series – How to Apply for a Postgraduate Course

Hey there, I’m here again and we are still talking about the application process. Remember in my last blog, we discussed how to apply for a PhD. I hope you or someone you know found that useful. Moving unto the next, let us talk about how to apply for a postgraduate course. A postgraduate course […]

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