Why Surrey?

Today we hear from Danielle Reaves, a current MSc Health Psychology student from the United States.


When considering doing postgraduate study – I knew there were a few options on the table. I could stay in the United States and pursue a 2-year Masters degree, or I could move abroad and complete my Masters in 1 year. Plus, I’d have the unforgettable opportunity to move to a different country at least once in my lifetime! The answer was simple for me. As someone who had always wanted to travel, but had never gotten the opportunity, I knew I wanted to kick off my mid-twenties by doing something bold. An added bonus is that England is so close to other countries – I’ve gotten Ryanair flights to nearby countries for as low as £20! In the four months that I’ve started university, I’ve already travelled to France, Scotland, Ireland and Spain, all for the very first time.

Why was University of Surrey the school for me? It’s highly regarded Psychology program set it apart from other universities. Currently, Surrey is #12 in the League Tables, with Psychology ranking as one of the top programmes. I can see why this is the case – this semester, I have the opportunity to become trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, in addition to taking courses from several other crucial areas. The employment statistics at Surrey are stellar as well, 96.9% of students are employed upon graduating. In a nutshell, Surrey has a solid program with positive prospects upon its completion, making it a sound choice.

The Faculty

Finally, one of the best aspects of the University of Surrey has been the faculty. They really are the best in their individual fields, and I have been so impressed with how readily they involve students in their research and connect them with professional contacts. For example, after I expressed interest in researching with a professor for my PhD, that professor later invited me to attend a lecture in London from a world-renowned Psychology researcher, Dr. Roy Baumeister. Before the lecture, myself and a small group of PhD students took the train together and had dinner in London. It is so rare in the United States for esteemed professors to be so approachable and friendly, but truly every person that I have met in England has genuinely taken an interest in their students and has done whatever they could to bolster their success. I have always felt as though the faculty members were available to me for questions about the course, the assignments, and general knowledge about the field and the opportunities available for Masters degree students.

All in all, studying at the University of Surrey was one of my best decisions I have ever made. Their high-calibre program, scholarship opportunities, and world-class faculty have made all of the difference in my experience with postgraduate study. Currently, I am planning to pursue my PhD in Health Psychology at the University of Surrey, which would earn me a Stage 2 qualification with the British Psychological Society. The hunt for funding is providing to be challenging, but with such a skilled level of professionals supporting me, I feel optimistic that the right opportunity will arise and I will be able to continue my studies for the next three years and earn my doctoral degree.