All The Good Things: Entertainment

As a nineteen year old who would much rather prefer fun over studying, I take great pleasure in anything entertainment. I watch a lot of TV, stream a lot of Netflix and try a lot of new restaurants.

It was a lucky day when I found out I had a couple American channels on my TV. I can still watch old NCIS and CSI re-runs that come on and it gives me a sense of home, somehow. Lately however, I’ve been influenced by my fellow classmates and taken a liking to the British period drama Downton Abbey. And by “liking” I mean I finished the first two series in two days. I’d heard of it before, and had known about all the awards it had won but I finally got around to watching it. I’m already a big fan. British television has its perks. Shows like BBC’s Sherlock and Doctor Who are a couple of my favorites as well. These shows I don’t really get to watch on TV while I’m at home, but here they come on and that makes me happy. I have the best of both worlds now!

Food-wise, London has so much more variety than what I’m used to. The restaurants are absolutely amazing. I’m a big fan of seafood and the seafood here is so much better than in Calgary (I believe this comes from being so near the coast. Calgary is nowhere near saltwater). I eat anything and everything and it always excites me to go somewhere new.

Theatre is a big culture here. Big namesĀ like The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Mamma Mia, The Lion King etc are always performing and I plan to go and see as many as I can afford. Once exams are done, there are big plans to go see Mamma Mia in Aldwych (London). My tickets delivered a couple days ago and I’m just counting down, what with being a big ABBA fan.

When it comes to theatre, one does not even need to leave Guildford. The Guildford School of Acting puts on shows here in town as well and those are always fun if you can spare the time.

All in all, the culture of music and theatre is what makes me love the UK so much. There is just something about live performances and musicals that I cannot resist. I’m glad I have this opportunity and to anyone coming here, I highly recommend Downton Abbey, and at leastĀ one live theatre performanc while you are here!