And It Finally Snowed

I have been waiting for this forever. Snow reminds me of home and any hint of it cheers me up. There is something incredibly Christmas-y about it and I just can’t help but smile (Christmas is my favorite time of the year). Everyone here has been telling me “No, when it snows in the UK, everybody panics and everything shuts down” but I was still secretly hoping it would.

Although I am enjoying a considerably warmer winter away from Canada, sometimes I do miss the piles of white stuff that you clean off your cars and your driveways. So when it did snow last Thursday, I was as overjoyed as the next person. Yes, it was only a couple centimetres and it lasted for only about an hour on the ground, but it certainly lifted my mood a great deal

What really threw me off was how excited everyone around me was. I realise now that for some students, this is their first time ever seeing snow, as maybe they don’t see it where they’re from. I saw these students rush out and start throwing snowballs (very tiny snowballs as there wasn’t much to go on) despite the windy blizzard that was wreaking havoc on campus. Although I was pretty excited to see it all, compared to them I was practically unfazed. Employees from the bookshop rushed out to see it, library staff ran down the stairs to see it, students dropped their food to go out and see it. So even though the weather was dreadfully grey and windy, it sure brought joy to a lot of people.

It was pretty great to walk on it after the storm had died down and to see your footprints imprinted in the fresh white layer. I decided to forget about catching a bus and ended up just walking to town.

All in all, despite the obvious gloom of the exam period, it was a pretty great day.