Second Semester!

It’s a wonder how fast time flies when you’re having a good time. I’ve already been at Surrey five months and it’s already the start of my second semester here at university.

I’ve pulled through my exams somehow, and I hope results come out very soon because I hate the wait. The Reading Week that followed was very anti-climatic. I was too tired to have a lot of fun and just spent most of my time catching up on sleep (I’m horrible I know I should have done something more productive!). I was eagerly waiting for my classes to start again and see all my friends. When Monday came around, I was up at 6:30 am ready to head out.

So far this semester has been extremely exciting. I’m loving my new modules and currently my favorite one is Practical and Biomedical Bacteriology. It’s a completely laboratory based course and I had my first session yesterday afternoon. Although we spent most of the lab reviewing some essential microbiology skills, there was one particular experiment that I found pretty awesome. We get to test what grows on our cell phones, keys etc (basically anything you keep in your pocket — loose change also counts!). We get our results next week (maybe I’ll throw in an update as to how that turns out). I’m eagerly awaiting to see what grows on my keys and my lab partners cell phone.

My other modules are Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Physiology

The workload this semesterĀ is already more advanced than what I had last semester and I really like that. It’s only the first week but I already have two practicals and an almostĀ full timetable.

I’m looking forward to my other practicals (Lung tests, Blood typing etc) — if you can’t already tell, I love my labs!

This is a course I truly enjoy and now I’m always looking forward to my lectures, my practicals. I even look forward to doing all my assignments!

[UPDATE]: I got my Bacteriology results back, and although we weren’t allowed to take pictures (how sad), it was actually quite awesome. There was some filamentous bacteria growing on my lab partner’s phone and some bright yellow bacteria growing on my keys. Pretty exciting! (and kind of gross…)