Easter Break 2015

So this is the last week of lectures before the University closes for Easter – that’s  almost three whole weeks off! Naturally, I will be flying back home to Canada (in 5 more days!). As it turns out however, I have around four deadlines for the week I return so I will have to be working on those while on break. Not to mention all the exams that are fast approaching; I will be studying and revising for those as well. This is a good opportunity to maybe catch up on anything you might be behind in.

The good thing about Surrey is, that students don’t have to move out of accomodation during this time. I know in some universities students have to move out, which is kind of a hassle for those not from the UK.

I’ll be missing Guildford. I come from a city much bigger than this, and although at first the small town life seemed a little strange, now I’ve gotten used to it. It’ll be slightly strange (I think) to be back in the big city again. Guildford’s been terribly nice to me these past six months and it actually doesn’t rain as much as people tell you it does. Obviously it’s probably still snowing where I’m from so maybe I’ll get a little bit of that.

I’ll be seeing all my friends at home, which is great. But at the same time, I’ll be missing my friends here. So while I am excited to go back home, I think I’ll be equally excited to fly back to the UK when the time comes!!