Post-Easter Break 2015

This past week (my first week back at university) has been brutal. I arrived Sunday evening and immediately had lectures on the following Monday. The jetlag was unbearable. To be honest, I’m still recovering from it (I find myself getting very sleepy at about 6 pm and then I’m wide awake till about 2 am). I hope I get over it soon..

The break was definitely a good thing though. It was my first time home in 6 months, having skipped going home during Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but needless to say, I got to studying done.

Exams are in 4 weeks, which means the revising starts now. If I was to be completely honest, toward the end of the break, I was so looking forward to coming back to Surrey. I wanted to get back into routine (I was quite bored at home — had nothing to do!) and now that I’m back here, I’m glad.

I am absolutely loving Surrey in this amazing spring/summer transition. The weather is beautiful, everything is green (so green!) and all the birds are out and the flowers are blooming. If possible, Guildford has become even prettier than when I left it.

I only have about 4 weeks of lectures left. There are only about 50 more days till the end of the academic year. This has gone by so very fast.

But… I guess, time always flies when you’re enjoying yourself!