Highlights 2014-2015

So I’m down to my final week of my first year here at Surrey. I’ve got one exam left (on this coming Friday) and I’m flying out immediately the next day. Naturally, I cannot wait to be back home, see my friends and family (and be done with uni work for a good 3 months!). However, I know for a fact that I will miss this campus and this university and this town.

I’d like to make use of this post by looking back¬†upon some of the amazing moments and opportunities I have faced during my eight or so months at Surrey. There have been too many to count, but I can at least remember to mention the big ones

To start off with, I accepted my offer exactly one year ago today and I am really glad to be in this program — which is something that I really love. Work and studying does not feel like a pain because I enjoyed my modules and my assignments. I am also really REALLY excited for next year. My 2nd year modules look incredibly exciting and I look forward to returning in September already.

I have also met some incredibly wonderful people. Every single person I have spoken to since arriving in the UK (and that includes everyone from the airport staff, uni staff, fellow classmates, coworkers etc) has been incredibly friendly. I have made some amazing friends which I hope I will have with me for the rest of my degree and more.

I had this opportunity to become a Student Ambassador which has been so fun I can’t even begin to explain it. I am naturally a very shy peson, and I’m quite introverted. But I feel workin at all these Applicant days and doing Campus tours has helped me open up more. I hope I can carry on with this job into next year. It’s also because of this job that I am able to get in contact with more Canadians who are thinking of coming to Surrey. It’s been awesome chatting with them over email and over phone. I can’t wait to meet those that have acceped an offer. It’s always nice to have someone from back home.

This is starting to sound quite soppy so I’ll try and sound more cheerful..

When I first arived in Guildford, I was thrown off by how small of a town it really was. I have always been a big city gal and this was my first time in a small town. To be honest, I was unnerved and wasn’t sure I would like it. But I do, I actually do! I like how everything is within walking distance. I like how safe Guildford is. Like I mentioned before, everyone is extemely friendly. I think when I go back, home is going to be too crowded and noisy for me! I like that I’ve got this experience and it’s really nice to come back to a cute little place such as Guildford. I’m really getting the best of both worlds!

When I got to the Surrey Campus, I fell in love. ITS SO GREEN. It is honestly so peaceful. The lake and everything about it has really become my favorite place to be. I like to sit by there on a good day, it is just so lovely. I was so lost when I first came here and now I can’t believe I was because I know this place in and out.

There have been way more moments of course (picnics by the lake, eating in various restuarants in town, visiting London etc). There have really been too many to count. I have already made so many good memories.

Although I’m excited to go back, I know I am definitely excited to come back for my second year!!