Back In Guildford

Hello again,

It’s been a while since my last post and since then I have been back on campus. I arrived on the 19th of September (a week before Fresher’s).

This year, I’m living on campus — something I’ve found to be the most convenient thing ever! I love my room, my new flatmates are awesome and the best of all, I’m 5 minutes away from Tesco.

Uni has already started, I’m about two weeks in with my first semester modules and it already feels like I’ve been here five months. The workload is noticeably heavier than my first year, but I’ve been looking forward to it, so I enjoy keeping busy. The modules themselves are more detailed, having covered the basics by now – which basically just means more new things to memorize!

I’ve been keeping busy since coming back, having already been to London twice. I can feel the homesick-ness coming on, but that was inevitable. The only thing to overcome that really is to keep busy, and have a little countdown going somewhere.

Aside from studies, I have a placement year coming up and the applications for that have already started pouring it. So aside from work and studies, I have that to look forward to.

I’m going to Cardiff with a couple friends next month, and I’m excited for that. I’ve never been to Wales and it’s just one more country I can cross off my list. As it turns out, the Student Union plans day trips for incredibly cheap prices. I don’t know why I didn’t make use of this sooner.

I’ve also become recently interested in Rugby. I was in London the day England was eliminated (:( ) and I thought I’d watch. I had to google the rules a little bit (apparently there’s two different sets of rules). I actually really enjoyed watching, and have kept up with the world cup ever since. It’s an interesting game to watch for sure.

When I first came to Guildford last year, it felt strange and unfamiliar. Even though my parents accompanied me, I was lost in this little town and I had NO idea where anything was. When I came back this year, I came back alone. Only when I was fully moved into my room did I realize how easy it had all been. Guildford (and this university) feel like a second home to me now and I’m glad for that.

This semester is already flying by and I hope it slows down just a little bit. I know that before I know it, I’ll be on placement wondering where half my time at Surrey has gone.

This has been a really random ramble, but so many different, unrelated things have happened that I wanted to try and put them all into one post.

P.S: – Did I mention I saw the Queen today? That means now I’ve seen Queen, Will, Kate and Philip. This just leaves Charles and Harry now. I’m getting closer 😉

She was at the opening of the new Vet Med building. It was pretty darn awesome.