Student Union

Pretty much anything you ever need on campus will at some point or another be available at the Student Union. It is an independent, student run body that organizes different events and the almost 100 societies. The Student Union building houses offices, a computer repair shop (which we will inevitably need), a coffee shop (for when we are waiting and stressing over our broken computers), Rubix (which is the on campus club), Hari’s (an on campus bar), as well as a few restaurants. Coming from North America it was an odd concept to have on campus clubs and bars but that’s one of the perks of a lower drinking age (18 in the UK). They also host endless amounts of individual and consistent events. Every Thursday there is a local famer’s market complete with food stalls for take-away. This is definitely part of my weekly routine and it’s cheaper than the grocery stores too! In celebration of the last Friday before end of term, Rubix is hosting a Christmas party themed club night which will no doubt be a fun one. They have also done themes like super hero night, silent discos and paint vs. foam.

In Canada I found there wasn’t nearly the same amount of emphasis put on the student body and extra-curriculars. One of the questions I was asked most at the beginning of the year was what else I was going to get involved in. In my opinion, with my work load and class hours I thought that my course was my extra-curricular. Who knew people did more..? not me! That said, since coming here I have managed to join 3 extra clubs/activities and there are so many worthwhile things to get involved in that it was easy to find one!

If you guys want to know more, have a look for yourself!