A Wonderful Time of the Year

Wednesday was the first day I participated in student interviews as an ambassador. I was speaking to the prospective students and answering any questions they had. The nerves and stress – I remember it so well! You want to come off casual, yet put together. Competent, but not a know-it-all. Friendly, but not overbearing. I know it’s still quite early for a lot of you and the application process has just begun so don’t stress. For those programs that don’t require interviews, there is an optional work placement year for many courses. After second year, many students choose to apply for jobs to complete their placement component and the same communication skills are needed. When interviewing, value your own opinion above a pre planned generic response. It’s your personality that’s going to make you stand out! You won’t know everything nor do they expect you to, so spend time formulating your opinion on a topic rather than memorizing everything about it.

On a lighter note, Christmas is fast approaching and my 9 housemates and I are getting in the festive spirit. Our house is now decorated and we are doing a secret Santa exchange on Monday. There was carolling recently at the student union to go and watch and Malteser Merryteaser chocolate bars are everywhere (I didn’t know what these were until I moved over but North America is definitely missing out!). Christmas sweaters are a phenomenon here so I have gone to Primark (the Walmart of the UK) and bought my first one. The lack of snow has made Christmas feel different this year but I’m going back to Toronto a week today!