Round 2


I haven’t been posting this summer as I have been back in Canada doing placement but now that school has resumed I’m back in Guildford with a few changes. I have moved out of university accomodation and into a house (which is common for the majority of students in second year). I now live with one girl from my course and one from my accommodation last year. This is a big change in environment but a very nice one in a lot of ways. Being in a house allows us to cook group meals more easily, have a common living room to enjoy with friends and have more personal space at home.

Fresher’s week was awesome because it was a chance to catch up with everyone from the summer and see people you may have lost touch with. There were great events every night including the paint vs foam party, Jonas Blue and a headphone disco! In the days I spent a lot of time settling in our new home and buying different necessities with my roommates.

This is now the second week of classes and the work load has official begun, however it is much easier to work at home now since it is quieter and there is more free space – definitely a luxury! Just because the school year is back in full swing doesn’t mean the fun events are over. This weekend there is a big event at Ascot (a major horse racing arena) with free student tickets available. I love going to different events like this because it really gives all students (not just internationals) a chance to see what England has to offer!